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In this pandemic we have all had a role to play. While some were risking their necks in hospitals saving lives, others, the vast majority, stayed at home to avoid a health collapse. The media also played a very important role.

After several weeks with Juegos sin fronteras, which had a share of around 8.5%, Telecinco recovered a rerun of Volverte a ver which, surprisingly, dethroned the unbeatable Tu cara me suena, the usual Friday audience leader, which has seen its position eroded. La 1’s cinema climbs to third place and enters the podium with Captain America: Civil War (9.1%), beating Cuatro’s Blockbuster.La Sexta Columna (8.6%) rises more than one point with its premiere of SARS-CoV-2. Complete audiences for Friday, May 8, 2020.

Actress Cobie Smulders (Robin in How I met your mother) and creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas have changed the title and lyrics of the popular Let’s go to the mall to adapt it to the new coronavirus and get donations for the underprivileged.

Marcelo y belen [si volviera a nacer] @ lyon bachata

One of the most developed issues throughout the day was the spread of fake news. To fight against them, Ana Belén Roy considers that «we have to look for the sources and have a little bit of tranquility» and insists that «we must not go crazy or take for granted the ease with which information reaches us».

Regarding the journalism of the future, the presenter sees a greater variety of content. «I think we can have many fields to address, always with rigor and always knowing where we are».

Ana Belén Roy focused her intervention during the congress on social networks. «Social networks have burst in a brutal way. The speed with which information spreads must be taken into account» . But she assured that despite the evolution, «what will not change is credibility».


I think the presence of women in television is increasing, at least in TVE where most of the editorial staff are women. I think this is a reflection of the world of communication in general, the faculties are full of women.

On the other hand, in the news services, for example, it would be a big mistake, because we have to look for credibility. For me, Anglo-Saxon television is an example: there you see a news anchor and you don’t think of beauty, but rather of veteranism.

I am against parity quotas, I believe that positions in television and in any company should be given according to the value of each one, under equal conditions. The challenge for women is to convince everyone that they can do a job as well as a man, so that the line between men and women disappears.

My mother. She is the one who made me who I am. I am a person who likes to stand up for myself; I try to fight for what I want; I am a journalist because my mother has instilled in me to observe, to count?

They want the election of the secretaries of the congress to be held at the end of the year.

From Monday to Friday, from 10:00 a.m., Álex Barreiro, Ana Belén Roy and Cristina Pampín will be in charge of ‘Diario 24’. Four hours of live broadcasting in which special attention will be paid to economic information with Inma Gómez Lobo.

And, from September 14, the new stage of ‘La Noche en 24 Horas’ arrives, with Xabier Fortes in charge of this news program that reviews the current events of each day, with the help of analysts and the protagonists of the news.

In the new season, the programs that complete the programming of Canal 24 Horas will be broadcasted again: ‘Parlamento’, ‘El Mundo en 24 Horas’, ‘Audiencia Abierta’, ‘En Lengua de Signos’, ‘Europa 2020’, ‘Crónicas’, ‘En Portada’, ‘Agrosfera’ and ‘Latinoamérica en 24 H’, among others.

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