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It appears in both Texeira’s map (1656) and Espinosa’s (1769) as Calle de los Reyes Alta, although it later took the popular name of Calle de las Salesas when the outstanding monastic complex of the Salesas Reales was completed. [2] With these old names Ramón de Mesonero Romanos mentions this street in his paseos por El antiguo Madrid (1861), describing it as a street that «ran straight (then called de los Reyes alta) to go out to Alcalá Street, where it was later known as the garden of the Valenciano, and between where the buildings of Buena-vista and the Infantry Headquarters were later erected». [3] On July 12, 1901 it was decided by municipal agreement to rename this street, dedicating it to José Álvarez de Toledo, a 19th century diplomat and politician of Spanish-Italian aristocratic lineage, born in Paris. 4.


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Calle Conde de Xiquena can be found on the map of Madrid. Within this categorization, it depends on the province of Madrid. Near the area of this zone, it is very reasonable that we find places of recreation and leisure. It is quite sensible to think that from here, we can find a variety of walking routes or different means of transport. How to get to Calle Conde de Xiquena If we want to get to this street is necessary to indicate the point of origin and destination. (Click on the «How to get there» button on the map.)Where is Calle Conde de Xiquena? based on our information, we will try to indicate nearby roads. As for example Calle Condesa De Santamarca and Calle Condesa De it could not be otherwise, we are always talking about the municipality of Madrid. If you are near this location, you can not miss Calle Condesa De Venadito, you will be pleased. Places close to Calle Conde de Xiquena

Nearby municipalities are: Villavieja Del Lozoya (28739), Parla (28981), El Berrueco (02220), Villaviciosa De Odon (28670), Valdemoro (28341), Rascafria (28740), Valdemanco (28729), Soto Del Real (28791).

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Four alternatives to Madrid’s big museums for the most curious lovers of urban art, PopArt and even performances. The most creative neighborhoods of the city hide the most passionate galleries and artistic projects.

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