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The 67th edition of Canelobre, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the death of Azorín, born in Monóvar in 1873 and died in Madrid in 1967, is a monograph on the timeless writer from Alicante, classic and modern.

The activity will begin on Friday, April 28 at 8:00 p.m. at Casa Bardín. The aim of the series is to bring together different literary figures to talk about their craft and share their experiences with the audience.  Marta Sanz and Paula Caballeira, José M. de Prada Samper and Victoria Gullón and Nuria Barros and Martha Escudero are the other guests on the program.

Isabel Tejada has been in charge of curating this cultural proposal, which is complemented by a series of activities that include guided tours and talks to explain the mounting of the exhibition. The exhibition will remain open until October 25.

The activity, in which his work ‘Apocalypse’ will be analyzed, will take place on Wednesday, September 7 at 8:00 p.m. at the MUBAG. The program for this September also includes exhibitions, book presentations, talks and literary meetings.

presentation director iac gil-albert

It is to be expected that art will occupy a privileged place in the new project. But it would be convenient to open bridges between the City Council, the University (and the distribution of activities between the SEU and the Casa Bardín), the Casa del Mediterráneo and the Provincial Council itself.

From the outside, the IAC Juan Gil-Albert is seen as a succession of repetitions, which extols certain names, leaving aside the present activity and the future of the Province. Sometimes, the excess of Diplomacy, leaves on standby the hackneyed modernization, because as Einstein said «Do not expect different results, always doing the same thing».

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The director of the Instituto Alicantino de Cultura Juan Gil-Albert, María Teresa Pérez Vázquez, has resigned from her position. The decision has been communicated after a meeting with the president of the institution, Carlos Mazón, and the first vice president and deputy of Culture and Transparency, Julia Parra, who thanked her for her time and effort.

From the area of Culture, with the support of the entire government team, has rejected these practices and has demanded responsible behavior in all processes, taking into account that transparency is one of the strategic lines of the current government of the council.

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