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Some days ago, the spokesman for Tourism of the Popular Group in Congress, Agustín Almodóbar, addressed the Government to ask it to account for the «delay» in the appointment of the person called to replace Bastarreche.
In its answer, which has been made public today, the Government framed in the «institutional normality, within the international diplomatic customs», the fact of not having filled the position of ambassador in London, since that task has been carried out by the Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy.
The reply is dated July 23, barely two weeks after José Manuel Albares was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation. The Executive recalled that ambassadors are appointed in the Council of Ministers at the proposal of the Ministry «according to criteria of professional competence and experience», and after «a process subject to the reservation of diplomatic courtesy».
After stressing that the appointment of a new ambassador «is not subject to administrative deadlines», the Executive responded to the PP deputy that in periods of «temporary absence» of the head of mission, «the holder of the second head of mission is substituted by the holder of the second head as Chargé d’Affaires».

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Elconfidencial anticipated yesterday that José Pascual Marco Martínez, until now General Director of Integration and Coordination of General Affairs of the European Union in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, only awaits the placet of the British Foreign Office, in an essential moment for the negotiations that must culminate in the Treaty that fixes the relations of Gibraltar with the European Union and whose community mandate, not without controversy, has been known this week.
The diplomat José Pascual Marco, as highlighted by the newspaper «El País», has been participating in the negotiations on the memorandums and on the future position of Gibraltar in the framework of the Schengen area that will link it to the European Union, so his appointment is a remarkable suitability.

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This series of conferences aims to analyze what will be the future of what has come to be called «European economic governance», that is, the set of economic rules and institutions that the EU has equipped itself with in terms of economic policy. Such an exercise seems necessary, given that the European Commission has recently published its White Paper on «The Future of the EU 2025». One of the fundamental aspects mentioned by the European Commission in its White Paper is precisely the future of European economic governance: issues such as the euro and its inclusion in the economies of the Member States; the Stability and Growth Pact; the Banking Union; financial bailouts for the Member States; and the 2020 strategy, will mark the future of the European Union and its economic governance.
More specifically, the main objective of this series of conferences is to address the question of the medium and long-term future of European economic governance from four different but complementary points of view: the economic, of course, but also the legal, political and social points of view.

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