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A sorrow – #8 – marta gómez in 100 songs

Her professional development has been focused on psychotherapeutic intervention with adult population and families in the private sphere, combining it with intervention in the social sphere in projects for the protection of children and families at risk of social exclusion. Currently, she is also responsible for the High Performance Program aimed at individuals and companies.

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Is it worthwhile to visit buritaca? ( santa marta)

She, who is usually very transparent, seemed to have forgotten all about it. More than anything because in ‘La Casa Fuerte’ she only insinuates herself to Albert. We were all convinced that the ‘cuore’ of Marta was beating for the professional expert, but it turns out not. Or not so much.

And how did we find out? Well, it all happened because at the gala Marta had to review some of the highlights of the week. Among them, there was a conversation between the former big sister and Tony Spina, in which she was very, very hurt by a comment made by Albert about Lester Duque.

«a pity» – marta gómez – live in barcelona

Dressage is the beautiful equestrian discipline based on a set of exercises that place very high demands on horses. Thanks to the intense efforts of the riders in terms of training, the horses are diamonds that are eventually polished to reach the absolute level: the Grand Prix.    In spite of everything, very few horses reach the adequate preparation to reach the Grand Prix, since it is a level where concentration, harmony and elegance are the three main axes.

After the bitter taste of Wednesday, Friday was the opposite. In Intermediate I, Pablo Gómez sealed one of his best tests. With a 72.990 Pablo Gomez beat his personal record and won the standings, ousting the second-place finisher by a difference of four percentage points.

Werth commented on his test : «Emilio, he has become much more confident, even in the warm up he was focused and concentrated, he is becoming more professional and is improving with time», he said. And now her next stop will be with the brilliant mare Weihegold who helped her take the FEI World Cup™ Dressage title last March and triple gold at the Longines FEI European Championships this summer, on her home turf in Stuttgart, Germany in two weeks.  After that he will compete at Jumping Amsterdam in January. Her intention is to compete her three horses in order to qualify them for the Final that will take place in the city of lights in Paris in early April.  She will compete at Jumping Amsterdam, even though she is automatically qualified as the reigning champion.

Marta collell – cider try on haul is it worth it?

Marina was born with a severe lack of oxygen which caused her severe cerebral palsy. Her injury is very serious, she doesn’t know what she sees, what she hears, she doesn’t understand things the way the rest of us do. She will probably never walk, never sit up, and will not have a normal cognitive development. Marina needs to receive therapies that are very expensive, for only 1€ a month you help Marina a lot, collaborate with Marina. Thank you, thank you very much for your help.

Lapalomatriste is a sanctuary, managed by the Asociación Las Alas de la Esperanza (LAE), specifically dedicated to pigeons. We have a family of several hundred rescued urban pigeons in distress. Many of them arrive injured, or become disabled. We also take in and raise orphaned pigeons.

As a rescue association for columbiformes and other animals we need to build new and better facilities for our 600 non-releasable feathered birds. We have no land of our own. Now we have 60m2 which is too small and with no possibility of flight due to the environment. Can you help us to move and improve our facilities?

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