Oposiciones auxiliar de biblioteca madrid

Oposiciones auxiliar de biblioteca madrid

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But what are the functions? Among others, the functions are the arrangement and organization of documents, loan and return of documents, control of delays in returns with their corresponding sanctions, information and training of the user of the library services, guiding readers, collaborating in activities to encourage reading, assisting in the cultural activities of the library, registration and sealing of documents, counting the library collection and preparing readership statistics.

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To get the place you want you can help you with our books, where we have collected the general and specific topics that the competition requires, as well as questionnaires so that you can practice what you have studied.
The tests for access to this category will consist of a single exercise consisting of a theoretical-practical test-type questionnaire that will deal with the content of the program that appears as an Annex to these bases.
First of all, the theoretical part will be carried out and once the time for the completion of this part is over, all the documentation will be collected, after which the practical part will be handed in for its completion.
In the qualification of the questionnaires, each question answered correctly will be valued positively; the unanswered question, that is to say, with three blank letters or with more than one answer option, will not be valued, and the question with a wrong answer will be penalized with the equivalent of 1/3 of the value of the correct answer, rounded to the value of the second decimal place.


If you are passionate about books and have always considered the possibility of working in a library, now you have the opportunity to get that job working as a Library Assistant in the Madrid City Council. To access this position you only need to have the title of Bachiller or equivalent.
Jan 12, 2021Are you thinking about getting a job for life? Have you decided to study some oppositions but do not know the offer? Enter the Post and see what new vacancies you can get in the Community of Madrid.

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This course is aimed at candidates for the Madrid City Council Library Assistant Technicians Corps, as well as any library professional who needs to perform similar tasks.
The student will have access to all the resources of the virtual classroom: links, glossaries, libraries, calendar, etc. In addition, they will have a tutor to contact throughout the course, who will support them, helping them to overcome the difficulties and doubts that may arise.
library assistant technician preparation of oppositions for library assistant preparation of oppositions to library assistant technician preparation of oppositions to the city council of madrid course of library assistant technician of the city council of madrid course of library assistant

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