Paula garcia la verdad

Paula garcia la verdad

the truth season 2

The finale of La Verdad began at the same moment the previous episode ended: with Fernando (Ginés García Millán) contemplating the corpse of Cirilo Abad, whom he had killed with an axe to the head. The man left the place with an alibi proposed by Luis Fonseca: the two had been together in a bar.
Fernando, against the ropes, turned himself in to the police as responsible for Cirilo’s murder. The evidence showed that he had done it in self-defense against the indications that the deceased had been responsible for the disappearance of his daughter. In view of all this, Lalo tells Lidia the whole truth and Fernando is released on bail. The man returns home and there the truth is discovered: Paula was not murdered, but died accidentally.

Paula garcia la verdad del momento

In this chapter 16, which has put an end to the series, many lies, half-truths and different truths are exposed, which have kept viewers in suspense. In this denouement, the reasons that make a truth become a big lie come to light. She finally discovers the whole truth:
Lidia fails to understand why Fernando did not go to the hospital instead of throwing his daughter off a cliff and both star in a brutal argument. A situation in which the other Paula Garcia seems to have the key to end.

la verdad tv series english subtitles

If there is something difficult when writing a series for generalist television is to know how to be measured, to organize the times and to release, little by little, the bait to catch the spectator. However, the fear of not «capturing» the prey, of boring them, can spoil not only the beginning, but the series in general.
Here, there is such a rush to convince that the plots are run over, more things are told than necessary and it is done with so much evidence (so as not to give the option of «not understanding» or «waiting too long») that the viewer feels very, very unintelligent.


The most bitter part of the chapter was the end of this love story. MARCOS decides to put distance, despite his feelings, because he believes that staying together would not allow Paula to start a new life with her new identity, as LIDIA’s daughter. As a policeman he has crossed boundaries he would rather forget, and resigns from his position. Tampering with DNA tests to protect Paula has been the final straw, and his morals have said enough is enough. His ex, LAURA, doesn’t even get minutes, but she already said goodbye in the previous one.
PAULA keeps her new identity, and not even her brother TONI, who in his style, empanado forever, finds out. ROSARIO, the chacha, is fired, as Lidia doesn’t understand why she kept quiet about her brother’s background. Who will prepare those fairytale breakfasts for them now?
I didn’t like that door being left unlocked. There is no justice for ANDREA’s death, even though CRESPO disappears in the cement, and the mafioso of the Club sues COSTA for abuse of power. If only he had opened his head with that stick….

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