Slam poetry ciudad real

Slam poetry ciudad real

slam poetry ciudad real – dyso

Nebur, whose professional occupation is to be a clown (a word he claims against the euphemism of clown), offered us 12 texts of his poetry book: «Reason, instinct and heart» that will be published soon and whose benefits will be donated to the animal sanctuary of «La Frontera».
In them he went from the heartbreak of remembering the loss of his mother, to the prayer of a hilarious Star Wars style Our Father, passing through topics such as the hypocrisy of symbols, the power of the media to annul, social networks and mass sports, animal abandonment, how it would be if men menstruated, or an ode to the vegan hamburger in an erotic key, dedicated to his «husband».

dyso – slam poetry ciudad real may (dream team)

Slam Poetry Ciudad Real begins next Wednesday, October 25, from 8 pm, the seventh season of this particular event in which poetry, orality and the scenic go hand in hand.
Another novelty of this season is the inclusion of groups and associations of the city in the events. Following the trail opened in the National Final, Slam Poetry Ciudad Real seeks to create a space of expression and meeting for people who form the associative fabric of the city. On this occasion, members of the intercultural group, formed by various associations working with immigrants and ethnic groups, will take the microphone.

maibaik – slam poetry ciudad real may 2017

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final slam poetry spain of ciudad real

Iván Pérez «Dyso», one of the organizers, recognized that since 2008 they have been involved in the slam movement at a national level, which is why they are taking this step forward. «We wanted to give it a twist and recover the community essence that this movement has. For that we have worked with several collectives in the city in order to build a macro-event with the city, creating a city through poetry and interpretation».
Twenty cities in the country will be present. On June 8 there will be a pre-party at the Nice hall. On Friday there will be two semi-finals with 25 participants at the Antiguo Casino, and the grand final will be held on the 10th in the Jardines del Prado. The social groups involved in this initiative will be the special guests in this National Championship and with them we have been working on the preparation of texts to be recited.

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