Teatro caja duero salamanca

Teatro caja duero salamanca

Presentation bct cristo del amor y la paz

In the second room, the first sewing machine with which everything began is exposed. In addition those who come to this exhibition will be able to enjoy the touch of a wall that is full of fabrics and check the sensitivity of its texture. This room is completed with some mannequins made with fabrics only basted with needles, which pretends to be a simple fabric where you can appreciate the importance of modeling. A video about the creative process is also projected.
In the third room, the contrast of black and white colors is shown. This space is divided into two platforms where white wedding dresses are shown on one side mixing different eras, in contrast to the contrast with black party dresses on the other, along with an explanation of both colors.
In this exhibition can be seen classic portraits of Miguel de Unamuno made by artists during the writer’s lifetime and contributions from private collectors, which are joined by unpublished paintings and sculptures made specifically for the exhibition by current artists living in Salamanca, the Basque Country and Madrid. A total of 127 works will be on display until August 5.

Concert tomás bretón band in salamanca

Thanks also to all the people who wanted to share with us this cultural and fun afternoon, thanks for your applause, your laughter … for coming and «not leaving us alone» (as the title of the play says).
«Marta Fernandez and the CBTormes children’s team visit our basketball school AVIVA Foundation and ONCE inaugurate the self-guided and adapted route for people with disabilities created in Villarino de los Aires. »
School support in Physical Education activitiesA demand made by schools and teachers is the shortage of support resources in certain areas of education.This program offers centers and teachers support staff in the physical education class for the correct attention to students with disabilities in the classroom, becoming a facilitator for the understanding and development of the task in coordination with the head teacher of the school.Individualized support to students and teachers of schools in the physical education classroom with students with disabilities.

El cantar

El Teatro Liceo está en la plaza del mismo nombre, en la calle del Toro y muy cerca de la Plaza Mayor. Desde la calle del Toro, el teatro no llama mucho la atención porque su fachada está bastante camuflada y homogeneizada con el edificio de al lado. Está situado en el mismo emplazamiento del teatro original, construido en 1843. La sencillez actual en la decoración y la construcción son características tomadas de la estructura original. Si visita la ciudad, fíjese bien en la programación, porque normalmente hay muchos eventos. Para comprar las entradas, puede ir a la taquilla (justo al lado del teatro, entrando por otra puerta), o a la Caja Duero, y la mayoría de las veces, en El Corte Inglés (donde también puede comprarlas por Internet).

Musical un mundo en planetas (a world in planets) by the theater group

Next Thursday, March 14, at 21:00 hours, will be represented the play «Historia de la `Doncella Elocuentísima’ Luisa de Medrano», in the THEATER JUAN DEL ENZINA, performed by the theater group «La Cueva de Salamanca», being an activity organized by the Equality Unit and the Service of Cultural ActivitiesRead More
The Calamandrei Theatre Group of the Faculty of Law, calls Casting for the Course 2018/2019. The tests will take place on Wednesday, September 19 at 20:00h in the Trial Simulation Classroom (Garden Floor). We are looking for profiles of a boy and a girl of Grade and a boy and a girl ofRead More
On Thursday, December 14 at 19:00h will take place at the Teatro Juan del Enzina the representation of the play «UN JURADO SIN PIEDAD», adapting the play «12 hombres sin piedad» by R. Rose, by the group of Teatro Calamandrei of the Faculty of Law under the direction of Professor Federico Bueno de Mata. The priceRead More

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