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This alarmed both those who at the time were watching the live show of the vice-verso couple and the fans (and not so fans) who found out later.let’s remember that it is not the first time that the couple stars in a controversy. In summer there was the rumor of their painful breakup (more for Susana than for Manu), which to this day we still do not know if it did not even happen or just fixed it before the news bombshell. They also recorded programs such as asesores del amor that we finally could not see broadcasted and the reason is very simple: their agendas were very tight during those months and they were forced to breach that contract. As a «retaliation», the program «Mujeres y hombres y viceversa» decided not to broadcast the few programs they recorded.
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Susana and manu

In the video Susana Megan confesses that she will miss her current home, although she is very excited to start with Manu in a new place. «Now I really feel like I’m in my new home,» she explained. And the fact is that when she moved in with her boyfriend she didn’t feel that the apartment belonged to both of them, since he already lived there before.
Be that as it may, the change is for the better and Susana Megan has gained a dressing room for her clothes since the apartment has three rooms, and the second one? Surely even if it is not now, the couple will be waiting to expand the family and, just in case, have it already in reserve. In the meantime, however, the young woman enjoys her large office for her clothes: «You know the good thing about moving? You throw away unnecessary things. And when I get to the new house I’m going to sift through the clothes and the ones that don’t make me happy? … to hell with it!», said Susana Megan.
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Myhyv: how manu, susana and kiko live the finals.

Canal Sur TV | Thursday, 00:30 h.Isaki Lacuesta directs this feature film that mixes the documentary genre with fiction.  The film won the Golden Shell for Best Film at the San Sebastian International Film Festival 2018.
Canal Sur TV | Wednesday, 07:30 h.It will also be connected live with Fernando García Mena, special envoy of Canal Sur Radio and Television to La Palma when the volcano becomes more virulent. García Mena will report at 08:10 and 09:40 h.
Canal Sur TV : Wednesday, 22:30 h. The contestants, with no experience in the kitchen, will have to cook the best dish following the instructions of chefs Yolanda García, Ale Alcántara, Luismi López and Fernando Alcalá.
Canal Sur | Awards receivedThe report «The olive oil that best respects the environment», broadcasted in the program «Tierra y Mar» (Canal Sur TV) in October 2020, has obtained the recognized award.
Canal Sur TV | AtrápameOne of the directors of «Atrápame si puedes» is proud of the evolution of the program on Canal Sur Televisión, which Andalusians have turned into an audience leader this summer, and its fragrance has become the most popular in the country.

Manu y susana una historia sin final

Los líderes empresariales se reúnen con los ministros del gobierno para construir en breve un programa piloto que permita la realización de pruebas rápidas de antígenos en los lugares de trabajo. 25 grandes empresas de sectores como el transporte de mercancías, la aviación, la producción de alimentos y el cuidado de ancianos han formado una coalición para importar urgentemente 370.000 pruebas rápidas de antígenos, para los centros de trabajo de todo el país. El director de Business New Zealand, Kirk Hope, cuenta a Kathryn Ryan que insta al Gobierno a actuar con rapidez.
Kath & Kim se emitió de 2002 a 2007 y fue la serie de comedia de mayor audiencia en Australia en su momento, dando lugar a un remake en Estados Unidos, una telemovie llamada Da Kath & Kim Code e incluso un largometraje: Kath & Kimderella. La comedia suburbana se basaba en las vidas de Kath Day-Knight, su hija Kim y la «segunda mejor amiga» de Kim, Sharon Strezlecki. Dichos de la serie como «look at moy» se convirtieron en parte de la lengua vernácula a ambos lados del Tasmania y más allá, y los malapropismos eran épicos, como el de Kim: «Quiero ser efluente y practicar la monotonía en serie». Entonces, ¿qué decía la serie sobre la Australia de la época y por qué se está ganando una nueva generación de fans? La Dra. Michelle Arrow es profesora de historia moderna en la Universidad Macquarie y se une a Kathryn para analizar el lugar que ocupa Kath & Kim en la cultura australiana.

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