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In the case of the Availand Follow Baby baby monitor I have it quite clear, the team has a camera with the particularity of moving remotely from the remote control for parents, as if that were not enough also has the ability to move automatically following the movements of the baby, hence the «follow baby».
The function of moving the camera remotely is present in some devices, for example in some Motorola baby monitors, however, the possibility of the camera automatically following the baby is something really innovative and I can already tell you that you will find it hard to find it in other baby monitoring cameras.
Another thing you should know about the camera is that it must always be plugged into the mains, it is something that is not fully clarified in the product sheet but you should keep in mind in order to find a plug near the crib of your child.
Having highlighted what is the most important aspect of the Availand Follow Baby, I must tell you that this equipment also has all the functions you can expect from a baby monitor, now I will begin to describe them.

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The Availand Follow Baby baby monitor is a product with interesting features. It incorporates autofollow camera technology that allows you to monitor all the baby’s movements. In addition, the parent unit allows the camera to be operated manually, and several cameras can be incorporated into the system to cover a larger area.
The parent unit operates in two modes, either plugged into the mains or by means of a built-in, non-removable battery that triggers an alert when it is running low. The baby unit operates only when plugged into the mains.
With an integrated camera circuit, the image on the screen rotates every eight seconds, thus obtaining images from each camera. This is the auto-scan system. The cameras include sensors that are activated by the baby’s movement and the baby monitor camera rotates 360 degrees horizontally.
This product is available on Amazon, but not in other establishments such as El Corte Inglés or Mediamarkt. In El Corte Ingles is on sale another baby monitor of Availand, specifically the model Availand Wooden Edition. In Mediamarkt there are no Availand products on sale. You can find it at the best price with a great offer a little further down.

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Its 3.5″ color LCD screen is one of the largest of all models in its price range. It works very well, offering excellent image and sound quality without interference thanks to FCSS technology. The ability to adapt to different lighting levels is surprising, and even in dimly lit situations, the image is excellent.
Another excellent aspect of the Availand Follow Baby monitor is its range, offering up to a maximum of 300 meters in open spaces. Our customers report that they use it without transmission problems in houses up to three stories high.

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By acquiring this extra camera you turn the baby monitor into a very versatile product that you can use in several rooms of the house. It is ideal for parents of twins, twins, or simply to visualize different rooms … as the screen will alternately display the image of the baby’s…
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