Bañadores el corte ingles enfasis

Bañadores el corte ingles enfasis

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In the same period in which very diverse writers began to work with cyberpunk concepts, new sub-genres emerged, focusing on technology and its social effects in a different way. Examples include steampunk, pioneered by Tim Powers, Kevin Wayne Jeter and James Blaylock, and biopunk (or alternatively ribofunk), in which Paul Di Filippo is prominent. Also, some people [who?] consider novels such as Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age as the beginning of the post-cyberpunk category.
Cyberpunk «Anything you can do to a rat you can do to a human being. And we can do almost anything to rats. It’s hard to think about this, but it’s the truth. This won’t change by covering our eyes. This is cyberpunk.» -Cyberpunk in the Nineties, by Bruce Sterling ().
Protagonists «Classic cyberpunk characters are marginalized, alienated, lonely beings, living on the margins of society, usually in dystopian futures where daily life is impacted by rapid technological change, an atmosphere of ubiquitous computerized information, and invasive modification of the human body.» -Notes Toward a Postciberpunk Manifesto, by Lawrence Person (1998)[14].

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