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B the travel brand barcelo

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Fun and leisure in Dubai is infinite. Both at night and during the day, the Muslim city offers countless activities where the traveler can enjoy the city, while learning about its culture and traditions, always being respectful of their way of life and religion.
Fragrances, colors, flavors are the elements that flood the gastronomy of Dubai, a set of Arab recipes as rich and exquisite as ancestral and elaborated. Perhaps modernity can modify landscapes, even make certain traditions disappear, but the culinary culture has deep roots that are difficult to extinguish.
In the remote plains of the Arabian Peninsula, the desert extends infinitely. But in the distance, on the coast of the Persian Gulf, something begins to come into view, and as the heat haze clears, it becomes clearer and clearer. They are the imposing and luxurious skyscrapers of one of the most exclusive and exotic cities in the world. We are talking about Dubai, one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates, where the hand of man has modified nature at will, turning a sea of sand into a city of wide avenues, buildings of dizzying heights, where top brand stores fight for position and where luxury in the open sky is the most normal thing.

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The northeast of the Iberian Peninsula opens the doors to discover the paradise of the Costa Brava. As its name suggests, this coastline located in the province of Girona has a coastline of 214 kilometers characterized by its rugged landscape full of cliffs where the waves break against the rocks, coves in hidden corners and, in turn, beautiful beaches recognized with the Blue Flag.
You can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and discover 92 kilometers of coastline, get lost in towns full of history and get carried away in one of the most important amusement parks in the country, Port Aventura. Haven’t you packed your suitcase yet?
In the Costa Cálida, exceeding the average of the rest, we find the warmest waters of the Mediterranean Sea and there is a great variety of beaches in its 250 kilometers of coastline. In the south we find the Manga del Mar Menor, a sandy strip of 22 km that separates the largest saltwater lagoon in Europe, the Mar Menor, from the Mediterranean Sea, and you can also practice water sports.

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Paradisiacal beaches in the middle of the Caribbean, the exclusive Eden that is Mauritius, the solitude and disconnection of the Maldives.  Discover the hidden corners on the coasts of the peninsula and our islands, escapes to the most inhospitable places in the world, adrenaline in the best amusement parks, let yourself go on a spectacular cruise. B the travel brand is waiting for you with countless offers just for you!
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