Ejemplo de dafo personal

Ejemplo de dafo personal

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Ejemplo de dafo personal online

As we want to correct this deficit between the wide use of the SWOT Analysis, also known as SWOT, in the business vs. the personal field, we publish this article to show all the advantages of using this tool for any of us when making a personal decision.
The visual form of a SWOT analysis is a four quadrant matrix in which each quadrant lists the main Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the person being analyzed.
A personal interview: Am I the right person for the position? What are my personal weaknesses and how can I prepare myself in case I am asked about them in the interview? Does the position really interest me?
To grow professionally: Am I prepared to get to where I want to go? Is this the company where I should continue working? Or is a change interesting? What training should I improve? What skills should I reinforce? Is where I say I want to go really where I want to go?


In today’s ever-changing job market, you not only need to know what’s new in your industry, but also be on the lookout for new opportunities in other areas. If you want to improve your job, it is advisable to know yourself so that you know how to give the best of yourself. To do this, one of the best tools is a personal SWOT analysis.
The SWOT analysis comes from the world of business strategy and aims to know the weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities of a business or sector, but it can also be applied to the personal sphere.
As its name suggests, you can take the SWOT analysis to the personal level and, specifically, to your characteristics as a worker. The ultimate goal is to correct your shortcomings and enhance your skills to improve yourself in the professional field and achieve your work goals or bring to fruition a particular project.
Try to find what you lack (it can be an attitude, a skill, a knowledge…), what you don’t like or what you are not good at, in order to try to improve it. You should ask yourself questions such as the following:

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In the second part I will show you how to make an analysis with an example of a Personal SWOT so that you can see how it is done and finally I will give you some recommendations on how to make a PERSONAL SWOT together with a template so that you can do it at home.
The SWOT is a matrix that helps companies to make an analysis of the internal and external situation, to get a broader view to help them focus their business strategies, but the personal SWOT is not only a matter of companies, it also serves for different types of people, from those who want to create their own personal brand, start a business or people looking for a job.
Its function is the same as the SWOT analysis used by companies, but in this case it helps people to know themselves better and to consider the appropriate strategies for their goals, either to find a job or, in the case of freelancers, to find clients.
After doing the personal SWOT analysis, we have an overview of the situation of the person, so we can apply strategies to correct those weaknesses and try to exploit our strengths.

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