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Equipped with the greatest variety and quality, at Spinning Center you can train your strength whenever you want with our more than 30 machines and 20 free weight stations. Look for our training plans to work on your goals, challenging you with their levels of intensity and difficulty.
You’ve never seen so many treadmills together! Run, warm up on a bike, get ready for a race with the 75 pieces of equipment we have in every branch. Everything you need to work up a sweat with your best playlist.
You know when you want to completely disconnect? When you enter the salon, that’s when it happens. Come and do one of our cool classes. Dance in the Rhythms class, sweat with a session of Aero Local or functional, relax practicing Yoga.

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The values of the analyzed variables referring to the characteristics of the fitness centers are shown in Table 1. It is worth noting the great heterogeneity found in all the data presented.
Continuing with the main reasons for customer complaints, basic slogans can be extracted to ensure greater comfort for the clientele. Air conditioning, for example, is an element that is important in a fitness center and this has been expressed when asked; the ideal temperature in a training room should be between 17-19ºC (Lacaba, 2001).
On the other hand, in addition to Indoor Cycling, Pilates, Healthy Back and Zumba were the activities that followed this one in interest. Of these, Pilates was being offered by 90% of the centers, and their managers attributed to the users a high level of interest in this activity.
It should be noted that Aerobics and Step, two of the most classic activities within fitness, despite having a low level of demand, are present in most of the centers that participated in the study, except in 2. These data agree with the results obtained in the study by García (2011), in which both Aerobics (95.5%) and Step (90.6%) continued to be offered in the centers despite their low level of interest compared to the rest of the activities offered.

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The company has two locations booked in and around the Catalan capital, although it will only open one after the summer. «We have six months of exclusivity to open a second club in the premises we have reserved; if the first one works well, we will open the second,» Eduardo Montefusco, founder and CEO of FitActive, Italy’s leading low-cost gym operator, assures this newspaper.
A FitActive club is between 1,000 square meters and 1,200 square meters, with an investment ranging from 500,000 euros to 600,000 euros per club, depending on the size and the work required on the premises. «We need 1.6 customers per square meter to reach break even, but in Italy we have reached an average of 2.3 subscribers per square meter,» explains the entrepreneur.
Montefusco is confident of gaining the trust of financial providers as the brand gains presence in the country, so that it will be able to sign loans more easily and on better terms.

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