Nacho gonzález-barros

Nacho gonzález-barros

Las 1001 batallas de jesús monleón – podcast #39

La mayoría de la gente probablemente reconocerá a Nacho González Barros por haber creado Infojobs. De hecho, la mayoría de las personas en España habrán conseguido entrevistas de trabajo o algún puesto a lo largo de su carrera gracias a Infojobs, y por tanto a Nacho.
Pero presentarlo como el creador de Infojobs no sería justo para su impresionante trayectoria: es uno de los fundadores del Grupo Intercom, creador de Neurona (vendida a Xing), Niumba (vendida a TripAdvisor) y – entre otras. Y ahora, se aventura en una start-up global llamada MailTrack, que te dará un doble control de tu correo electrónico como el de Whatsapp. ¡Así que vamos a presentar a Nacho como el CEO de MailTrack!
Mientras estaba en San Francisco, conocí a Pablo Villalba (8fit, ex-Teambox). Mientras charlábamos sobre el panorama en Barcelona, me dijo «estoy seguro de que el 95% de la gente no sabe quién es el creador de Infojobs ni qué está haciendo ahora». Y bueno, yo parecía estar entre ese 95% de personas que no están al tanto de los esfuerzos de Nacho. Así que me comprometí a averiguarlo.

Vicens martí, executive and serial entrepreneur – podcast 90

In addition, Sergio tells us how they have been able to bill between 5 and 10 million euros per year, without external financing, how much companies pay to offer this service to their employees, and what has been their growth, among other topics.
In this podcast, Jorge and Nicolás explain us the need they solve for companies that have recently raised a round of financing and need in the shortest possible time a space that is able to receive the new employees that will be joining. For this, Psquared has alliances with real state partners, who support not only to prospect possible spaces, but also to commit the investment in these.
In this podcast Sergi tells us about the beginnings of Colvin from inefficiencies in the sector, as well as the reason for starting in the world of flowers. He also reveals the growth of Colvin through the acquisition of customers in different markets and the differences between them.
In this podcast they explain what a previous round of venture debt with CLP and the subsequent planning of this $80M Series B has meant for them. In addition, they tell us about the opportunities that startups currently have and the negotiation process with funds and investors.

Nacho gonzález barros, serial entrepreneur – podcast #32

In a country with 2.6 million unemployed, an Internet portal manages to sign more contracts than the INEM. Every 30 seconds, Infojobs publishes a job offer. Joaquim Ferrer has turned it into the second largest employment «web» in Europe. «I am happy. I feel the gratitude of everyone,» he says.
The CEO, Joaquim Ferrer, crosses the threshold. He enters with his back straight. He passes a wall painted with various messages, amorphous drawings, anarchically placed colors. He stops in the room with the coffee and candy machines. He sits on a high bench. He glances at a turned-off Nintendo Wii game console that at any moment someone might turn on to play a game of 3D golf.
In the early months of the century, at the height of the dotcom boom, Intercom’s partners sold three of the portals they managed for 20 times the value of the initial investment. Fortunately, Infojobs was not among them. When the online business debacle hit, they had their ace in the hole. Nacho García Barros -a guy with glasses, short hair, Bill Gates look, boiling ideas-, continued to develop the Infojobs project with two other people and with the full support of Joaquim Ferrer, who was already then the CEO of Intercom. «It was a black pearl. We had to believe in that project and go forward,» he says now nostalgically.

Finding technical co-founders, with nacho gonzález-barros

I am at the Day of the Entrepreneur in Galicia, I have been the «opening act» of Antonio Gonzalez Barros in my talk on «Main Mistakes of Entrepreneurs», while Fernando Gómez has been the entrepreneur who opened the sessions.
I am at Antonio Gonzalez Barros’ talk at Emprende 21 in Malaga. He began by talking about how he created Grupo Intercom, placing an advertisement in the press saying «We have time and money and we are looking for people with ideas» and that
The business incubator DAD (Digital Assets Deployment, S.L.) has finally been able to complete its investment round with a final post-money valuation of 12 million euros. With an investment of 480,000 euros for the 4% made by a family of investors, DAD has been able to complete its investment round with a final post-money valuation of 12 million euros.
I had pending to make a news about the possible acquisition of Linkedin by News Corporation, I read the news first in NoticiasB, but later I expanded information in Incubaweb and TechCrunch. Although it is still a rumor the CEO’s «no comment».
I thought that the record number of registrants that we had in the First Tuesday event dedicated to Classifieds would be hard to beat, but this afternoon’s event dedicated to Social Networks and Professional Communities is going to sweep the board. We already have

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