Precios marco aldany madrid

Precios marco aldany madrid

Marco aldany marbella

They don’t give you a massage as the coupon indicates, and not all Marco Aldany hairdressers take the coupon, and if they don’t, they will give you a hard time, and if the person is not there they will put the coupon in the computer, just in case I advise you to call beforehand.
I guess it depends on the salon you choose. In principle they don’t like it if you go with the voucher. They told me that they have a lot of offers, that I don’t need to buy the voucher. The haircut was fine… the highlights were fine. I asked for highlights and they gave me 2 different prices. 15€ for a highlight that didn’t last a second wash. I won’t go to the same salon again. The hairstyle, they didn’t do what I asked for.

Marco aldany aravaca

Me enorgullece decir que recientemente he superado mi miedo a las peluquerías españolas después de una experiencia horrible que involucró a un estilista de 80 años, una peluquería sucia que apestaba a tabaco y pelo quemado, una botella de agua en spray y una cuchilla de afeitar. (Lee mi post «Horrores de la peluquería» si tienes curiosidad). Bueno, pagando sólo 5€ por un corte de pelo, supongo que me lo merecía.
Así que, aunque no soy un experto en la materia, he decidido al menos exponer algo de la jerga de la peluquería para mis compañeros guiris que intentan conseguir un corte de pelo decente en España, un país donde los peluqueros suelen hacer lo que quieren de todos modos.

Marco aldany la línea

In our salons we offer a professional and personalized treatment. We focus our experience in advising, styling, and providing solutions to fully meet your needs and well-being.    We have the most innovative techniques
That exist in the market, our facilities are adapted to perform the most exclusive services with the assurance that all work is done with top brand products. You will be attended by a professional staff prepared and dedicated, which has the necessary training to: create, innovate, change and care for your IMAGE.
The external image is not just something physical, looking good increases your self-esteem and makes you feel better, put yourself in the hands of our team of highly qualified professionals and we will help you achieve your ideal image.
Hairstyle, if you are going to a celebration or just want to look good. Hairstyles for all kinds of occasions. Permanent, Des curly molds and controls that curl Treatments, Volume, purification, hydration, thickness, fall…

Marco aldany prices

Its avant-garde, urban, modern and innovative image and its excellent services have turned Marco Aldany into the key firm that drives the beauty and esthetics business in our country, with more than 6.5 million visits.
In this context, ALMA CORPORATION (Marco Aldany, Mister A, ADN Beauty Salons, RIZOS, Compadre Barber’s Club, etc…) was born, with the aim of consolidating its position as the largest and most powerful group in the professional beauty market.
The determination to turn its successful model into the beauty, hairdressing and esthetics brand of worldwide reference, has led the chain to become the reference image of the sector, with more than 400 salons.
But we do not settle in this position of industry leader, as we are an avant-garde and innovative beauty brand, which devotes significant resources to measure the degree of customer satisfaction and anticipate the needs of the market, both hairdressing and aesthetics.

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