The x-door valencia

The x-door valencia


For players who like to feel like detectives in search of adventure and mystery, this escape game is ideal, as it will take you to an era and a moment in time where you can believe you are as iconic a character as Sherlock Holmes. Solving the mystery will require all the effort possible, investigating, searching for clues, tying up loose ends, checking data and taking advantage of the most intelligent techniques. It will not be easy to solve the mystery, but it is recommended that all players support each other, share the clues they discover and find their way out of the room. Groups of two to six people can participate in a 60-minute challenge in which surprises are absolutely guaranteed. Will you be able to solve the mystery like great detectives during the time limit you have been given?
Ready for a new challenge? Revenge is an escape room that consists of working as a group and pooling your wits to solve the enigmas surrounding a mysterious case. Your mission is to locate the bomb installed by a terrorist and defuse it before it is too late and claim hundreds of victims. You only have 75 minutes before the device explodes. Will you be able to achieve your goal in time?

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4 different escape roomsin the heart of Gran Via in Madrid1 mysterious roomDecades of puzzlesLimited time to solve them and escape from the room3 new escape roomsin C.C. X-Madrid (Alcorcón)Decoration and theming TOPOriginal puzzles 100%High technologyFun guaranteed.
During that hour, which will fly by, you will find all kinds of objects that you will have to use in the right way, and all kinds of puzzles that you will have to solve, working as a team and squeezing the most of your creativity. And if you manage to open the door and escape from the room before the end of the time, you will experience the final rush.

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I had never played a live escape game before and the experience has been fantastic. The guys from The Xdoor make you feel as if you were inside an Agatha Christie novel where working as a team and with the help of your wits you have to solve a lot of «very elaborate riddles» to get out of the room before 60 minutes and if you succeed, they make a place for you in their particular «hall of fame» The game is so absorbing that when the time ends you are left with the desire to continue playing. The game is so absorbing that when the time is over you are left with the desire to continue playing.
It is a game of escapism, in which you have to get out of a room where you are locked before the 60 minutes of time are up. It is a memorable experience. We spent a week after playing the game remembering details and talking about it to all our friends and family. A very original and innovative activity, which apparently is having a lot of success in other cities.

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Currently they also have a Streaming version, in case you don’t feel like waiting until the quarantine is over or if you live far away and still want to enjoy this room. We have done it this way too and we find it highly recommended. Although it is not the same as being inside a room, the best thing is that all members of the group can participate in all the riddles and no one misses a single detail of the experience.
We will find a seemingly simple setting, but that will leave us with our mouths open. If your mind allows it, take a moment to enjoy all the details of this room, because, really, they are taken care of to the smallest detail. Even if you don’t have time to pay close attention, this care will make the immersive experience very intense and you will get fully involved in the plot without anything taking you out of the spell.
The Game Master will be the one who will round off the experience. From the moment he welcomes you, although it is not a room that starts from the door, he will know how to get you into the situation with his voice and his way of speaking. Once inside, his role becomes more important, but without interfering in your game.

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